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The mandate of this project was to create a game based on the Art Nouveau movement (1890-1910). All of its components – information booklet, packaging, etc. – needed to be made entirely out of paper.


Art Nouveau philosophy was in favour of applying artistic designs to everyday objects, to make beautiful things available to everyone. The challenge was to create a game that would represent the Art Nouveau movement in the best way possible.

STACKING PYRAMID The game I have developed gives information about famous artists who had important roles in the Art Nouveau movement. It consists of four pyramids in different sizes. Each pyramid shows a picture of some of the movement's main artists alongside their artwork. I chose a poem from the famous poet, Charles Baudelaire, and designed it in a way that the poem would start at the bottom margin of each pyramid, from the smallest to the largest one. This way, the poem would show continuously from the top to the bottom pyramid.


The solution I came up with was to use pyramids. Moreover, I wanted it to be decorative and have detailed designs, with packaging that resembled gems and represented the era of Art Nouveau.

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